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VIVOTEK introduces AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera for All-Around AI solution

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

LEXIS (, official distributor of the leading manufacturer of VIVOTEK security systems, announces the availability of the new affordable AI series of IP cameras 9383 with the aim of wide utilization of AI tools and services by users.


The new series of cameras allows users to take advantage of the advanced capabilities offered by AI video analytics at a low cost, including the easy recognition of human and car characteristics, improving the efficiency of operation and management of the surveillance system.

The 9383 series cameras work seamlessly with VIVOTEK's Core+ AI Network Video Recorder (Core+ AI NVR) and VAST Security Station (VSS) system. With the addition of the new "Case Vault" feature, VSS can quickly gather and produce the necessary video data within a minute and provide a complete report on critical videos.

The 9383 series cameras include an advanced AI algorithm that analyzes objects such as people and cars, including color, model, backpack/hat usage, offering more effective detection. In addition, they are equipped with a 5mil pixel lens and advanced video sensors that offer 2.5 times greater dynamic range than the previous generation, preventing overexposure in bright light while capturing clear video during nighttime hours.

VIVOTEK's advanced surveillance solutions are available through the official LEXIS partner network in Greece and Cyprus.

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