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With the "optic view" of VigorSwitch FX2120 all connections are possible!

Monday, July 18, 2022

LEXIS SA, exclusive representative of the leading manufacturer of network products DrayTek Corp., announces the availability of the new Full Fiber-10G Layer2+ Managed Switch FX2120, specially designed to fully cover data transmission requirements of ISPs and modern businesses for advanced network performance.

The hardware interface of VigorSwitch FX2120 includes 12 1000Mbps/10GMbps SFP+ ports, RJ-45 console port and Factory Reset button. It is equipped with advanced layer 3 features, including DHCP Server and VLAN Routing, as well as a host of VigorSwitch series features. In addition, it has a switching capacity of 240Gbps, while thanks to the OpenFlow 1.3 protocol it can work either as a classic layer 2 bridge switch or to manage packets from a specific port on the openflow controller.

It supports up to 256 VLANs based on 802.1q tags, MAC addresses, as well as Link Aggregation up to 8 groups of 8 port members, allowing both creation of a group and its connection to other switches or servers for higher speeds and a greater number of connections. It supports security features to avoid network overload and IPconflicts (Preventions & Detection), but also QoS with Voice VLAN and Surveillance VLAN for automatic detection of call traffic and video with optimal distribution of them.

VigorSwitch FX2120 model supports ONVIF protocol with live video streaming from a camera and its management through the Web Interface (GUI) , while it is manageable through the web interface of the central router and the central management software VigorACS.

DrayTek's VigorSwitch FX2120 is available through the LEXIS's partner network.