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Hillstone Networks iSource XDR: The network shield against threats

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

LEXIS SA (, representative of the leading solution provider Enterprise Security and Risk Management, Hillstone Networks Inc. (, presents the new Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution, Hillstone iSource, with advanced techniques and smart features for high levels of protection.

Today’s enterprises deal with a boundless threat attack surface filled with multi-layer and multi-stage threats. The iSource XDR platform aggregates data from various infrastructure protection products, sifts through the low-confidence risk assessments using its correlation analysis engine, then generates one unified high-confidence actionable report. Using this report, iSource will implement a cyber kill chain for remediation via customizable playbooks or pre-established templates. Ultimately, through its three-stage process, iSource determines which threats require immediate attention and acts accordingly.

From the managerial perspective, the user receives useful information and has full visibility at multiple security levels in order to prevent potential threats to severs, services, networks and cloud applications, through artificial intelligence technologies. ISource implements a recovery plan using customizable playbooks, which define the steps for successfully responding to recorded security events, while providing automated security features supported by Hillstone Networks and third-party support.

Hillstone Networks iSource XDR will be available soon in the Greek market through LEXIS' partners network. This solution is offered as a Virtual Machine in three different models with a speed of 3-15Gbps, event processing capability of 5,000-15,000events / sec with supported operating systems such as CentOS, Windows 10 and VMware ESXi.

With more than 15 years of experience in private and public sector projects in the field of network security, LEXIS certified engineers are able to design Security solutions for a wide range of applications.