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ΕΑΤΟΝ 93PS UPS in the District of Pieria by LEXIS!

Monday, February 7, 2022

LEXIS SA has successfully completed the supply and installation of EATON UPS 93PS series 8kVA power with with the option to expand at 10kVA / KW with its internal batteries, at Transparency and Systems Support Department in the Distcrict of Pieria.

The installation of the equipment was carried out in order to fully protect the sensitive equipment and applications of the Computer Room of IT department. The selection criteria of this equipment were the factory, the high efficiency to ensure low cost of use and above all the long experience and know-how of LEXIS engineers who in collaboration with the engineers of the research center, brought this perfect result.

The EATON 93PS series provides active protection for any sensitive application such as data centers, stock exchanges, building management systems, telecommunications facilities, industrial automation centers, hospitals and generally where reliable protection is required from all electrical network fluctuations.

The Department of Transparency and Systems Support of Pieria is responsible for the design and implementation of information and communication technologies in at least five points / buildings under the jurisdiction of the Pieria Regional Unit, as well as support of more than 120 employees in special applications and daily used office applications.

LEXIS SA is the official representative, distributor and service center of EATON UPS in Greece with certified engineers in all EATON series. With over 35 years of experience and know-how in the field of UPS and with a nationwide technical support network, LEXIS is able to design, install and support UPS systems to protect sensitive equipment from all electrical network malfunctions.