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LEXIS SA is announcing the new Cyber Security cameras by VivoTek !

Friday, June 1, 2018

LEXIS SA presents a new and complete series of VivotekΗ.265 Flagship Cameras enhanced by Cubersecurity Protection. The release includes the FD9165-HT, FD9365-HTV, FD9365-EHTV, IB9365-EHT and IB9365-HT models with TrendMicro’santi-intrusionsoftware embedded, empowering them to automatically detect and prevent credential-based attack as well as block suspicious events, thus enabling users to enjoy higher levels of network security.

VivoTek is a global leader IP surveillance solution provider which markets cameras with embedded integrated Cybersecurity protection software including automatic detection and prevention of credential attacks and blocking of suspicious events within three-level security. On the first level, the IP address of an attacker is automatically blocked and any attempt of entering a password is prevented (Block Brute Force Attacks). On a second level, any suspicious access is automatically blocked and abnormal activity is detected and prevented without affecting the operation of the camera (Intrusion Detection and Prevention). On the third level of Instant Damage Control, if an unknown attack occurs, the system remotely patches all data and transfers it to the anti-intrusion team to analyze and solve it in a timely manner. Trend Micro software effectively decreases the spread of internal infections, and lets users get back to work safely and quickly. 

LEXIS’s portfolio includes a wide range of Security products (UTM, end point Security, Security Cameras, etc.) by providing state of the art integrated solutions for more than 14 years.


LEXIS SA is the official distributor of VivoTek in Greece since 2004. Our engineers are highly trained and certified by the cooperating manufacturer firms, able to design, implement and support specialized high-end solutions.

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