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Ticket printing is easy with 4ΙPnet WTG2 !

Monday, August 27, 2018

Wireless Ticket Generator Set 2 (WTG2), which consists of SDS200W Wireless Smart Device Server and PRT200 POS Printer, is an accessory that can be added to 4ipnet’s WLAN solution. WTG2 can be connected to the WHG-series and HSG-series through a wired or wireless connection, and customers can use the keypad on the SDS200W to generate Wi-Fi tickets. What’s more, login by QR code scanning is supported to provide a convenient login method.


Now, WHG-series and HSG-series offer an alternative of printing tickets for Wi-Fi accounts using WTG2. Customers can access a ticket generation menu in a browser on a mobile device to print tickets from PRT200. With the new solution, customers have the option to use either SDS200W or their mobile device to generate tickets from PRT200.


Setup for this alternative ticket printing method is simple.

1. Configure PRT200

(1). Use an appropriate fixed IP address for PRT200 so it can connect to WHG. The IP address has to be in the IP address range of any of the Service Zones on the WHG.

2. Configure WHG/HSG

(1). Create On-Demand Billing Plan(s)

(2). Customize POS ticket template

(3). Connect to PRT200

(4). Configure Preferred DNS Server of DHCP Server – To allow access to “”, preferred DNS Server of DHCP Server Configuration for Service Zone must be the same as the Service Zone’s IP address

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