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LEXIS SA announces the new Dual Port TAINET Media Converter – ENTU 773

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

LEXIS SA introduces the new Media Converter Dual Port Media Converter – ENTU 773, featuring dual ethernet port and SFP port, ideal for SMB companies and organisations. 

TAINET’s Ethernet Network Terminal Unit Series allows the operator to separate each user’s traffic and offer services such as inter-office LAN connectivity, Internet Access and virtual local area networks (VLAN). ENTU 773 series is so called Ethernet Media Data Converter (MDC), it can convert 10/100/1000 BASE-TX to 1000BASE-X via optical fiber cable to extend transmission distance. 

Tainet’s New Dual Port Media Converter is able to support switch mode, which enable the converter to build a linear network application easily to achieve yet cost-efficient Voice communication or IP monitoring. In addition, they have fiberback-upmodes for redundancy in case of loss of connectivity and smooth operation even when one of the optical links are lost.

At the customer premise which allows the operator to reach customer over fiber, while still providing a standard Ethernet copper connection, and being part of the operator’s network, enables the converter to act as a demarcation point between the operator and the customer. Ethernet in the Local Loop reduces carrier expenses, since Ethernet ports are far less expensive than other options, TAINET’s cost-effective, remotely-managed ENTU series is an ideal fiber solution for every carrier's Local Loop because it provides access regardless of the backbone technology, and cost saving which can be passed on by the carrier to consumers.

TAINET Communication Systmes Corp. is a global leader in Network Multi-Access solutions and more than 20 years of dedication in the rapid-changing networking industry, legacy TDM modem, multiplexers, to Ethernet-based and fiber access, while still remaining top quality, flexibility, yet cost-efficient products for all customers across a broad spectrum of applications.