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LEXIS SA presents the new version update of VIVOTEK’s video management software VAST 2!

Monday, December 9, 2019

LEXIS SA (, official distributor of VIVOTEK in Greece and Cyprus since 2004, presents the new version update of VIVOTEK’s video management software VAST 2 with features included the Deep-Learning Technology Smart Search II, Cybersecurity Management Solution, and License Plate Recognition Integration achieving a higher level of management efficiency. 

Building on Deep-Learning Video Content Analytics, the Smart Search II of VAST 2 allows users to quickly search for specific objects and people in the specified region. While enabling People Detection feature, only people-based activities will serve as event triggers. The security operator no longer needs to search through extensive footage for critical videos, thus improving both efficiency and effectiveness.

Offering the complete end-to-end cybersecurity protection, the new VAST 2 is fully integrated with VIVOTEK cameras and NVRs and becomes a powerful Cybersecurity Central Management site. The protection includes Instant Alert Notifications, allowing users to receive notifications automatically, and the Cyber Risk Dashboard to visually identify common types of cyber-attacks. In addition, users can filter attack logs according to a range of criteria, making it quicker to find abnormal events and take necessary actions to minimize risks.

The new VAST 2 is fully integrated with VIVOTEK’s LPR/ Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera, IB9387-LPR. Users can see the live images with selected information, such as confidence level or black list status, which can in turn become a trigger source in Alarm Management, making it easy to intelligently manage license plate data.

LEXIS SA is the official distributor of VivoTek in Greece since 2004. Our engineers are highly trained and certified by the cooperating manufacturer firms, able to design, implement and support specialized high-end solutions.