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KEDACOM Access Control: The ultimate choice for security

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

LEXIS SA (, official distributor of KEDACOM in Greece since 2003, presents Access Point Face Recognition Terminal combines face recognition, card reader, video/audio communication and remote access control in a single device.

Using artificial intelligence technology and powerful deep learning algorithm, KEDACOM Face Recognition Terminal is able to realize a high level of security, privacy and convenience.  Embedded with dual HD wide angle lens cameras, our Face Recognition Terminal can precisely identify a person in a distance range between 0.3m and 2m. It will free your hands and save time as no fingerprint, card or other access control measures are required at the door. Meanwhile, the camera can guarantee a reliable identification even with low illumination or strong backlight. Besides, the camera can be tricked with a photo or a video, the Face Recognition Terminal can distinguish between a photo and a real face with its vivo detection feature. 

The terminal can be easily installed either on a wall or a turnstile and it is designed to meet the ultimate requirements of different scenarios. Furthermore, KEDACOM Face Recognition Terminal supports multifactor authentication, in case one who needs access must show two factors to corroborate identity, with the second factor could be a PIN code or a card. The Face Recognition Terminal is able to possess data library up to 20,000 human faces and 100,000 cards to guarantee that only authorized individuals will gain access.

Combing the Face Recognition Terminal with back-end platform, administrators can use KEDACOM software or App to gain a reliable visual control of visitors remotely.

KEDACOM, as a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence IP Video Solutions, has developed comprehensive and advanced technical advantages in the CMS platform, NVR and HD IP camera with advanced technical features even for a multitude of demanding applications. LEXIS SA, exclusive distributor of KEDACOM products for Greece, has a more than 15 years of experience in Video Surveillance. LEXIS’s certified engineers is the safe way to go for the design and implementation